The Bachelor of Screen Production course is a third party arrangement between Sydney Film School and Excelsia College. The course will be taught by Excelsia staff and is subject to Excelsia’s policies and procedures.

The course is taught at both Sydney Film School Waterloo campus and Excelsia’s Macquarie Park campus, which means that students will need to travel between these campuses during the duration of the course. The travel time between these campuses is approximately one hour by public transport or 25 minutes by car.

An Excelsia Course Manager will be available at the Sydney Film School Waterloo campus to provide support to students.


To develop excellence in the art, craft and technology of production, we believe students crucially need critical thinking skills to analyse and evaluate current industry practices and strategically explore new modes of storytelling and dissemination whether it’s in a cinema or online. Upon graduation, students will have acquired screen production, storytelling and entrepreneurial skills, and more specialised capabilities in either writing, direction, cinematography, design, sound or post-production that will equip them to be innovative, professional and ethical.

Sydney Film School, in partnership with Excelsia College, offers this unique model of training that is value-driven, industry-informed, professionally sustainable and socially directed. It will appeal to creative students who believe in and want to be nurtured and inspired to make a positive difference in the world.

This is a 144 credit point program consisting of 24 core units of study and 8 electives (2 years full time).

The first year of the course builds competence in a range of production skills complemented by progressively more challenging and divergent production projects.

This is supported by reflections on how they want to impact society as professional creatives.

The second year enables students to select and specialise in one production discipline as well as deepen their awareness of how technology and social values have shifted and been shaped by changes in different expressions of screen communication. They also learn practical skills in designing a creative career after graduation.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor degree may elect to exit at the end of the 4th trimester and, on successful completion of all required coursework for the first four trimesters of the Bachelor degree and the completion of 96 credit points, receive the Associate Degree of Screen Production.